Thingvalla Line 1887

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This is a facsimile of an old booklet issued by the Thingvalla Line (Dampskibs Selskabet Thingvalla) in 1887. This booklet was handed out to Scandinavian emigrants and contains all kinds of information about how to get tickets, how to travel, what to do when you get to America and much more. This booklet is originally 74 pages in all, but the last 22 pages are not included in this pdf, as it was only intended for making notes by month. This booklet also contains pictures (engravings) related to the steamships and trains on which the emigrants would travel. Please note that the booklet is only printed in the Scandinavian language, Danish/Norwegian and Swedish. The facsimile is offered as a PDF, right and left pages are scanned together. This is a very scarce and fragile old piece of paper.

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